Manufacture is the private label of Formens, one of the European leaders in men's suits. The first Formens factory has been based in Botosani since 1999. Botosani is located in the north of Romania. This region is the historical textile pool of the country. The sleeved garment is a specificity of the local tailors who later emigrated all over the world.
Formens is based in Botosani, N-E of Romania, the group composed of three sites has 1750 employees and produces every day 1500 jackets and 1800 trousers. Know-how that comes above all from humans. A few kilometers away from our factory is the textile university of Iasi, where the majority of our textile engineers come from. To manage the technical and industrial departments, we can rely on the expertise of our English and French technicians present on site and with whom we have developed our own patterns, essential for the quality and the good vestibility of the garment. Since 2010, we also offer made to measure. We were lucky enough to inherit this valuable know-how from the Alsatian company Vestra, which laid the foundations for industrial measurement in the 1980's. In 2013, we also initiated a collaboration with Mr. Alberto Caruso, former CEO of Ma-co in Soragna, Italy. This workshop, which is still in operation, remains the manufacturer for many luxury houses.

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The quality of our products is also linked to the quality of the fabrics and weavers we select. For many years, we have been partners with the most renowned weavers in Biella. It is here, in the north of Italy, that the greatest fabric houses have been perpetuating their know-how for several generations. Their secrets? The purity of the Alpine waters. Naturally low in sodium and calcium, this water allows the wool to be particularly soft after washing and finishing. However, our sourcing is not exclusively Italian and we choose other weavers according to their history or their ability to innovate in order to offer you a balanced and qualitative offer.


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