A revolutionary measurement solution

By combining our know-how and the use of artificial intelligence, we had developed with the company AIT a new system that facilitates the taking of measurements.
By entering your height and weight, the FitAp measurement system allows to know your morphology in just two pictures
When shooting via the application, your smartphone will act as a scanner.
Due to our database, 10 years of experience and our machine learning tool, this scan will then determine the pattern that will be used to make the garment.
FitAp is a reliable and fast solution to guarantee a garment at the right size.
How does it work?

An explicit tutorial to ensure that optimal measures are taken

A wide choice of fit preferences to guarantee your satisfaction

Veste / Manteau / Gilet

Pantalon / Chino / 5 Poches

Chemise / Polo Shirt

Meet Valentin, the co-founder of AIT.