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Our Manifesto

For more than 20 years, we have manufactured menswear for high-end brands. Today we are witnessing the consequences of globalization. The production leaves Eastern Europe towards Asia, with heavy impacts. It is time to develop a new model which takes care of people and Earth. To answer this challenge, we created Manufacture, a name which reminds our mission and our history of manufacturer. We build a new sustainable equation : local, on-demand European production, using s materials in the best possible working conditions.

By combining our know-how and the use of artificial intelligence, we have also developed a new system that facilitates measurements taking experience. With Manufacture, we create a wardrobe dedicated to the lifestyle of the active man. Composed of essential and customizable pieces, we put the functionality of the garment back at the heart of our thinking. All our products are designed and manufactured in our own factory or in partner factories in Europe, allowing us to guarantee you a fair price. Join our movement and support European manufacturing.

Our values
Manufacture is the private label of Formens, one of the European leaders in custom-made suits
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We are committed to protect the human life, nature and animals as much as possible.
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A revolutionary measurement solution
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