We use sustainable materials whenever possible, financially and industrially. This approach is not only applied to the main fabric that makes up the garment. We also apply it for the other components, for the interlining, shoulder pads, pocketing and linings and for the entire packaging.
Organic cotton
Wool respecting animal welfare
Recycled synthetic material
Cellulose from a sustainably managed forest
Up to this date, the regulation concerning sustainability labeling is being finalized. As a result, we have created our own sustainability index expressed as a % of materials in relation to the total weight of the product.
Calculus example of our sustainability index:

Suit Copenhagen bi-stretch fabric from Carreman
The share of sustainable materials represents 96.6% of the total weight of the suit.
weight in gr.
% of total weight
eco-responsible % % of
of total weight
main fabric 256 67.5 yes
RWS wool + GRS polyester
pocket bag & lining 60 15.8 yes
GOTS cotton
buttons 2 0.5 no
thermocolage 2 0.5
GRS recycled material
thread 7 1.8 no
not recycled
zip 4 1.1 no
not recycled
packaging 48 12.7 yes
GRS recycled material
total 379 gr 100 96.6%
A big part of our products have an NFC chip, which includes this sustainability index. The technology used "Near Field Communication" will allow you to access this information by taking your smartphone close to the chip.


We gave up the classic pattern where garments are produced, shipped, placed in stores and waitting to be sold. Often, this is possible by successive discounts or promotions to maximize the chances of selling the stock. This system is only possible through overproduction, which has a huge ecological impact. At Manufacture we offer you the opportunity to move from mass consumption to consumption on demand. We will only manufacture what you have ordered and we will deliver within 28 days. There is not overproduction, a fair and identical price all year round that reflects the true value of the product.


All our suits are made in our own factory in Botosani. Although this city is located in the north of Romania, we can speak of a local production. The making of a quality men suit requires an important manufacturing time. The longer the product takes to manufacture, the greater the impact of labor in the industrial cost price. The suit "Made in France" has almost disappeared with a few exceptions such as tailors in large measure. The industrial production of suits is played on a European scale.
As you can see in the map below, within a radius of 1200km, we can :
- Buy main fabrics and accessories mainly in north Italy
- Make suits in Romania
- Deliver in whole France
Today, the majority of custom-made suits sold in Europe are made in China and transported by air. Thanks to our proximity to our suppliers and customers, we prefer to use road transport, which is less polluting than air transport.
A pioneer in the region in terms of social benefits for employees, Formens has been committed very quickly to offer its employees the best working conditions. The 1,000 people currently working at the factory all benefit from meal tickets, free shuttle buses, health coverage and paid vacations. They are the ones who today put their hard-won know-how into practice and it is with them that we want to work.
As a responsible and committed brand, we want to work with Manufacture to find a solution to maintain these jobs and improve the standard of living of our employees.


Manufacture is the private label of Formens, one of the European leaders in suit manufacturing. As part of it's industrial activity, Formens orders several million meters of fabric per year. For various reasons, it happens that some ends of fabric rolls are not used. These small yards in perfect condition are nevertheless difficult to valorize for ready-to-wear brands that have mass production.

With Manufacture, we give a second life to these unused fabrics by integrating them into a special offer at a very affordable price.

The Up-cycling offer is available while stocks last and only at our shop at 37 avenue des Ternes 75017 Paris.


To extend the life of your Manufacture suits, we have thought of setting up the Refresh service.
You can, by appointment, bring your suit back to our store at 37 avenue des Ternes 75017 Paris and we can do an ecological cleaning and some repairs.
Your suit will be sent back to our factory in Botosani, North-East Romania, where we will proceed in 3 steps to a full maintenance thanks to Electrolux Lagoon program.
First your suit will be washed. In order to adapt to the different types of textiles and not to damage them, the machine precisely controls the rotation speed of the drum, the temperature, the quantity of water and detergent.
Then your suit will be dried. The dryer controls the hygrometry to protect the most delicate textiles.
Finally, your suit will be ironed. This is done on the Formens industrial press line. This step is decisive to put the suit back in shape and the result is incomparable compared to an ironing in an ordinary dry cleaner.
Once the suit is at the factory, we will take the opportunity to make minor repairs
All these operations are aimed at extending the life of the suit and providing additional service to the customer.
The Refresh service will be offered at 50€ and will only be available in our store at 37 avenue des Ternes 75017 Paris.